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308 VCA Volume Control / Loudness EQ

The Symetrix 308 VCA Volume Control/Loudness EQ provides remote level control and loudness EQ for engineered sound systems. You set the amount of loudness EQ compensation by adjusting rear panel EQ DEPTH trimpots. These circuits may be defeated entirely by turning the trimpots fully counter-clockwise. The 308 is a half-rack unit that fits on a shelf next to a mixer/amp or mounts in a rack with optional Symetrix RM-3.


There are two separate AC supplies coming out of the PS-3: 8.5 VAC @ 1A and 34.5 VAC CT @ 250mA. Pinout is as follows: 8.5 VAC on pins 6 and 1, 17 VAC on pins 7 and 3, center tap @ pins 4 and 5 are connected to earth ground. This is when viewed at the end of the PS-3 7-pin DIN plug.

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No, the only option would be to use a 12VDC to 117VAC inverter with the supplied PS-3 inline power supply.