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301 Low Distortion Compressor / Limiter

 The Symetrix 301 represents an enormous breakthrough in compression technology, allowing, for the first time, compression without added distortion from the compression process. The single-channel 301 gives you the ability to apply compression, to smooth out dynamic levels, or to apply limiting, when you need hard-line control over signal levels. The Symetrix 301 does all this, while occupying only half the width of one rack space.


There are two separate AC supplies coming out of the PS-3: 8.5 VAC @ 1A and 34.5 VAC CT @ 250mA. Pinout is as follows: 8.5 VAC on pins 6 and 1, 17 VAC on pins 7 and 3, center tap @ pins 4 and 5 are connected to earth ground. This is when viewed at the end of the PS-3 7-pin DIN plug.

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