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620 20-bit A/D Converter

The 620 excels in three basic applications: 1) A/D conversion to 16 bit digital recorders like DAT’s, modular digital multi-tracks (MDM’s) and hard disk recorders, 2) A/D conversion to 20 bit recorders or greater than 20 bit digital signal processors and 3) digital word size conversion and sample rate conversion (44.1kHz to 22.05kHz) in multimedia mastering applications.


Partial re-initialization: Toggle between the analog and digital inputs, using the Input Select button.

Full re-initialization: Power the 620 up while holding in the Input Select and Output Mute buttons. Release the Input Select and Output Mute buttons when the Analog, 48Khz, 20 & Muted LED’s light.

The 620 20-bit A/D Converter can only be used to convert sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 22.05 kHz.