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Legacy Hardware

RC-1 Remote Control

The AirTools RC-1 is an accessory remote control for the 6200 Digital Voice Processor. The RC-1 provides limited control; it allows the user to select and load the eleven user-selectable sequential Programs of the 6200. The RC-1 also makes provision for selection of a BYPASS function, which is Program 0 on the 6200. This bypass function is the equivalent of the DSP Bypass function in the 6200. The RC-1 may also be used with other MIDI controlled equipment to select Programs 0 through 11.


Connect the MIDI OUT of the RC-1 to the MIDI/RC-1 input of the first 628.
Connect the MIDI OUT/THRU output of the first 628 to the MIDI/RC-1 input of the second 628, and so on.