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RC-6000 Remote Control

The AirTools RC-6000 is an accessory remote control for the 6000 and 6100 Broadcast Audio Delays. The RC-6000 Remote Control permits producers or on-air talent to control the main functions of the delay’s EXIT, START, COUGH and DUMP functions. It also features remote indiction of the delay’s current status including INACTIVE, ACTIVE, HALF delay memory built and FULL delay memory built.


Yes, although custom wiring is required. You would do this by wiring to the contact closure and ground pins on the back of both units in parallel, and then wiring the remote LED indicator pins from just one of the units. The units can not and will not be in perfect sync (start and exit build times), however, the dump, cough, start and exit functions will be triggered at the same time on both units from one remote.