Meet Nic Danielson, Technical Sales Engineer

Nic Danielson has been playing piano since the ripe age of three. Up until High School, he focused exclusively on performing classical music, but was finally subverted when his older brother “forced” him into playing drums in his rock band.

Nic earned his BA in Music at Central Washington University, then moved to Seattle to focus on playing rock music. After touring the states as a drummer, he returned to his keyboard roots and founded a critically acclaimed indie-rock band. He has since had his songs featured in motion pictures and TV.

Nic joined the Symetrix family as a Technical Sales Engineer in 2013. He now finds himself in the unique position of utilizing his power-trio of audio chops, product testing and hardware-building experience assisting integrators and end-users effectively troubleshoot and design their systems. He explains, “the tech geek in me loves being around the gear and working with equipment. I like to teach people to help themselves. 75% of my job is teaching and training.”

Over the years, Nic has answered thousands of questions about Symetrix products. “My favorite questions are the ones where it’s a design question . That’s where you come up with the creative solution to a difficult problem. Custom programming.”

In addition to providing product support at Symetrix HQ, Nic travels the world providing training on Symetrix product solutions. “It’s important to make it relevant. Tailored. Focused. I love it when I can take a little tension out of the world by solving a problem. That’s not a bad thing.”