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New AV-Ops Center Powers Remote Monitoring and Management for Symetrix and Third-Party AV Devices

Seattle, WA, November 20, 2023— Symetrix, Inc. announced the availability of AV-Ops Center, the first remote monitoring and management tool specifically created to optimize Composer-based DSP audio and control systems.

AV-Ops Center is a cloud-based service that receives telemetry from the system components and provides real-time metrics via an intuitive dashboard. Additionally, the system can send pre-set and custom commands to remote devices to optimize performance or troubleshoot.

“We’ve focused on specific measurements and workflows that benefit AV integrators and users,” said Quinn Klarer, Product Manager. “Using map-based, multi-site monitoring, our customers deliver premium support from anywhere using any modern web browser.”

Authorized technicians can review system performance and assign resources based on real-time data to solve problems before customers even notice them. Push notifications and integrations with popular messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Chat, help technicians open and close tickets faster, and at lower cost.

“AV-Ops Center dovetails with managed services offering to provide great value for end-users and generate recurring revenue for integrators,” said Ty Hawley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “For those who do not yet offer monitoring, AV-Ops Center can accelerate its introduction without complex training or expensive investments.”

The service is currently a fully functional beta-release and available free of charge. Additional premium features are in development and will be introduced in 2024.

“AV-Ops Center is an exciting initiative for us,” said Mark Graham, CEO. “It brings together Symetrix’s history of excellence with the latest Internet-of-things data management capabilities of cloud computing to increase satisfaction and grow our customers’ business.”