Juice Goose

Systems Interoperability

Juice Goose (R) is an innovative, customer driven company that designs, manufactures and distributes electric power distribution, conditioning and control equipment for the commercial audio video market.

The Juice Goose iP Series products are web (IP) based power management devices that can be accessed via local, intranet or Internet communications. Power outlets can be turned on and off and current load on each power pod can be monitored. Models with the “RX” extension include highly effective surge protection circuitry.

In 2017, Symetrix, Inc. released its Control Server platform as well as an update to its Composer v5.6, open architecture design software. This latest version of Composer v5.6, includes Juice Goose Super-modules to control Juice Goose iP Series power sequencing and control devices. These Super-modules, which feature Symetrix’ custom graphic user interface, provide simultaneous user control of each individual pod, enabling the user to individually or sequentially power the pods up and down.

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IP PD1-4

The iP PD1-4 provides control and monitoring for four separate twenty amp circuits (eighty amps total) in a single chassis. Each circuit can be turned on and off and monitored for electrical current (amperage) draw from  0.2 to 20.0 amps per circuit.

IP 1515

The iP 15 Series rack mounted models provide economical remote power control to six receptacles grouped into three individual Power Pods. Each of these Pods can be turned on and off individually. In addition, current draw can be monitored from 0.2 to 15.0 amps per power pod.

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