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Symetrix Composer 7.3 Adds Multitrack Audio Recording, Support for W Series Remotes, Web-based Event Scheduling, and More

Symetrix has released ComposerTM 7.3 — the latest version of its powerful, yet intuitive Windows programming software for Edge, Radius NX, Prism, and Solus NX DSPs.

Symetrix ComposerTM software enables integrators to program a complete end-to-end DSP signal path using just one application. New features in this update include multitrack audio recording, web-based event scheduler, support for new W Series remotes, new device integrations, and more.


Multitrack Audio Recording – Multitrack Audio Recording allows a Radius NX device to record up to 8 tracks of audio simultaneously to an external USB device. Audio tracks may be recorded individually or grouped into multi-channel modules of up to 8 channels per module.

The designer places one or more Recording Modules into the Design window of a Radius NX processor in Symetrix ComposerTM. Each Recording Module has its own start/stop controls, assignable storage location on the USB drive, file naming configuration, and audio settings.


W Series Remotes – The W Series remotes expand Symetrix’s control options with versatile, IP-based remote controls powered by PoE. With four variants providing different combinations of rotary encoders, momentary buttons, and OLED displays, W Series remotes provide system designers with flexible control options that can be deployed with a simple Ethernet connection to a PoE switch or an inline PoE power injector.

W Series remotes leverage the same familiar programming interface used to program Symetrix ARC remotes and are available in black or white versions for both US and UK/EU form factors.


Web-based Event Scheduler – The Web-based Event Scheduler and all Control Server apps provide simple, direct access to system control from any device with a web browser regardless of the manufacturer or operating system of that device.

From any device with a web browser, a user can view existing scheduled events, make changes to existing events, or add new events. This eliminates the need for a dedicated computer running ComposerTM software for adding/editing events. Users are able to easily control the functionality of the system without having access to modify the DSP programming of the system.

The Web-based Event Scheduler can also be accessed by any computer on the local network allowing administration of the system from anywhere within the local networking cloud.


New Device Integrations  Symetrix ComposerTM 7.3 adds Intelligent Module™ support for direct integration of:

  • Alcorn McBride V-Page paging station
  • Attero Tech Zip4 paging station
  • Audix Network Device Control DN4 & DN43 microphone interfaces
  • ClockAudio TIM-1000 microphone
  • Linea Research amplifiers
  • Powersoft Mezzo amplifiers
  • Visionary Solutions E4100 & D4100 encoder/decoder


Intelligent Modules™ allow Symetrix Composer™ to bring the same level of native control previously available only for Symetrix DSP devices to Symetrix I/O devices and non-Symetrix hardware. This includes direct integration with ARC and W Series remotes, real-time control of parameters, access to logic integration, and more.

Symetrix ComposerTM 7.3 is available now. For more information, and to download Symetrix ComposerTM 7.3, please visit