• Virtual User Interface for Symetrix DSPs
  • User Control of Presets / Volume / Mute / Source
  • Access Via Smartphones / Tablets / PCs
  • Used With Radius / Edge / Prism / Solus NX / Jupiter / Zone Mix 761 DSPs

Virtual Control Using Phones, Tablets, or Computers.  Any popular browser can be used to control audio via the web-servers embedded in Prism, Radius, Edge, Solus NX, Jupiter, and Zone Mix 761 DSPs. Users can control volume, mute, source selection and other important parameters of their sound systems from devices they already own.

Flexible and Secure.  There are four unique instances of the ARC-WEB. Each of four users can be assigned a different ARC-WEB with unique privileges and security.

Simple Installation.  Other than connecting a low cost wireless access point to your DSP(s), no additional hardware is required.

Test Drive.  To demo ARC-WEB controlling a live Radius at Symetrix HQ, click here: | ARC-WEB•1 is security enabled: Username = user Password = pass
(Due to the unpredictable nature of internet latency, the ARC-WEB demo may be somewhat less responsive than it will be on your private LAN in a real installation.)

Click Here to watch a short video on ARC-WEB. This video will provide information on:
– Assigning Controls to ARC-WEB
– Editing ARC-WEB Windows
– ARC-WEB Preset Menus
– Pushing the Site File to Hardware
– Launching and Controlling ARC-WEB

Installed Sound DSP

  • Symetrix Edge DSP
  • Symetrix Jupiter App Based DSPs
  • Symetrix Prism DSPs with Composer software
  • Solus NX
  • Symetrix Zone Mix 761 DSP
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