Composer™ 8.1

Award-winning Composer for Windows® handles end-to-end configuration of Radius NX, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSPs…including creation of customized GUIs, scheduling, presets, logic, security, and integration of Symetrix and third-party control solutions.

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    What’s new in Composer 8.1

    Composer 8.1 is the latest version of Symetrix’s award winning DSP and System control software. It adds support for two new hardware devices: the xIO Bluetooth RCA-3.5mm and the T-10 Glass. Composer can now configure these new devices for use in a complete powerful end to end Symetrix system. 8.1 also adds a new Intelligent Module scripting API for HTTP Client operation. This allows Symetrix devices to control and monitor 3rd party devices that utilize an HTTP control protocol. Put together, this shows Symetrix’s commitment to our users with frequent, powerful and free Composer updates.

    Key Features:

    • Support for the xIO Bluetooth RCA-3.5 has been added.
    • Support for using the T-10 Glass in designs has been added.
    • A new HTTP API has been added to Intelligent Modules.
    • The Fader, Knob and Meter scale font size and color is now adjustable when creating Control Screens.
    • Many controls now support larger sizes on Control Screens.
    • Over 65 additional improvements and enhancements.

    Powerful, Easy-to-Use System Programming.  Award-winning Composer™ for Windows® handles end-to-end configuration of Radius NX, Prism, Edge, and Solus NX DSPs…including creation of customized GUIs, scheduling, presets, logic, security, and integration of Symetrix and third-party control solutions. A complete end-to-end DSP signal path can be designed using this single app.

    In addition to programming one to many Symetrix DSPs, Composer™ works seamlessly with Dante®.  It natively configures the setup and routing of Symetrix Dante® I/O Expanders and third-party Dante video endpoints, enabling ultra-low-latency 4K UHD video over IP with the same Dante-enabled Symetrix DSP system you rely on for audio.

    Composer™ is “open architecture”. Audio signal routings, DSP modules, and control signal processing are at the sole discretion of the programmer. Systems can be designed to perfectly match specifications and conform as requirements change or evolve. All classes of audio processing modules for signal routing and shaping are provided. Application-specific modules address special purpose requirements like conferencing and room combining.

    Going Deep with Dante®. Symetrix Composer™ has helped Dante become a defacto standard for multi-channel audio over Gigabit Ethernet. Composer’s Dante tools generate network audio — and now video — connectivity that is flexible, dependable, scalable, and supportable. Dante network routings, patching, naming and subscriptions are established and maintained natively from within Composer™ without need for additional software.

    All Symetrix Composer-programmed DSPs are ready for Dante DDM, Audinate’s network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks. Dante Domain Manager brings IT best practices to AV, making audio and video networking more secure, more scalable and more controllable.

    Composer™ integrates Visionary Solutions’ PacketAV Duet® Dante-enabled video encoder and decoder products, eliminating the drawbacks of conventional switch matrix systems. Within the familiar drag-and-drop Composer interface, you can now route video, assign end points, control video walls and take advantage of live previews for confidence monitoring.  Composer™ also has direct support of audio and video endpoints from Shure®, Audio-Technica,® Powersoft™, and Clockaudio™,

    Flexible and Robust Remote Control. Composer™ supports a variety of Symetrix and third-party remote controls. Symetrix new T-5 high-definition touch screen, telco dialers,  ARC Wall Panels, ARC-WEB, Control Server, and SymVue Windows GUIs are programmed directly from Composer. Control of Symetrix DSPs from third-party RS-232, UDP/IP, and TCP/IP devices is enabled using Composer™ Control Protocol.

    Composer’s Powerful Control GUI Generator. SymVue enables the creation of graphical user interfaces in minutes – not days. Commonly adjusted parameters are chosen and designed into sets of attractive, easily accessible and familiar screens, created and tested offline without any code writing.

    The intuitive SymVue Export Wizard works on Windows computers/tablets and Symetrix Control Server: Virtually any browser-enabled computing device (an Apple iPad, for example) can connect to Control Server and control Symetrix DSPs, accessories, and select third-party audio and video devices.

    Logical Solutions for Complex Problems. Control Modules can be assembled in various combinations to elegantly overcome unique application challenges. Logic chains may be driven by internal audio or logic signals, or external RS-232, RS-485, or GPIO signals to trigger internal functions (e.g. preset recall) or transmit strings via RS-232, UDP/IP or TCP/IP for control of external devices (e.g. cameras, screens, and lights).

    24/7/365 Composer™ Basic Training. Composer™ is not only easy-to-use; it’s also easy-to-learn! Self-paced Composer™ Basic Training covers all aspects of Composer™ software and the hardware it programs. Subjects are broken into short, manageable chapters for quick and easy learning and reference. To register click here.

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