T-10 Glass & T-7 Glass Table Mount Stand

  • Table mount for Symetrix’s T-10 & T-7 Glass Touchscreen
  • Powder-coated steel
  • 60 degree or 30 degree viewing angle
  • Non-slip padded base

Stand for the T-10 & T-7 Glass Touchscreen allows for flexible table mount installation.

General Specifications

Space Required (with T-10 Glass installed) 9.75” x 6.74” x 5.08"
Shipping Weight 2.0 pounds
Cable Access Through rear of unit

Installed Sound DSP

  • Symetrix Edge DSP



ARC Wall Panels

  • ARC-K1e Front
  • ARC-SW4e Front
  • ARC-EX4e Front
  • ARC-PSe Front

Radius and Edge Expansion Cards

Mounting Devices


  • Composer 8.1 Hero Image
  • Jupiter Software on Laptop and Monitor
  • SymVue Control Screen on Laptop and Monitor


  • Composer 8.1 Hero Image
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