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Professional Services

Symetrix Fee-Based Professional Services

Symetrix Professional Services are fee-based services that leverage the experience and knowledge of Symetrix Applications Engineers to provide engineering support for our customers’ projects. Symetrix Professional Services include Site File Programming, Custom Intelligent Module Creation, and Remote or On-Site Commissioning.

Custom Site File Programming

Symetrix Professional Services can generate a quote, based on your I/O list and system description. We can create a fully complete Composer site file that’s ready to be uploaded to your system. Programming is always specific to each project and is available as a line item that can be added to a specification or project bid.

Custom Intelligent Module Creation

Intelligent Modules expand the capabilities of a DSP to provide customizable control of third-party products and powerful manipulation of control data within a system. Symetrix Professional Services can create custom Intelligent Modules using Lua scripting for your unique ecosystem. If you need an Intelligent Module created and don’t have the time or resources to create it yourself, let our experienced team of Application Engineers craft a custom Intelligent Module designed to your detailed requirements. Symetrix Professional Services can create custom Intelligent Modules for nearly any application.

Remote Commissioning Services

Symetrix Professional Services can schedule a Symetrix Application Engineer to be available during all phases of your on-site setup and commissioning. If you can provide a computer or laptop that has a network connection to the AV system and an internet connection, a Symetrix Applications Engineer can be your full-time remote assistant during critical system commissioning and setup. This allows your staff to focus on system testing, verification, and documentation while we handle controlling and configuring the system.

On-Site Commissioning Services

For critical sites, Symetrix Professional Services can schedule a Symetrix Applications Engineer to provide on-site assistance with setup and commissioning of your system. For severely time constrained systems or high-profile clients, a Symetrix Applications Engineer on site provides your staff confidence so that they won’t need to think about the hardware and can concentrate on commissioning the system.

Free Pre-Sales Engineering Support

We have a dedicated in-house team of Symetrix Applications Engineers who can review the system design to ensure that the selected hardware will work seamlessly in a system. Because it is being reviewed by Symetrix, customers will have the peace of mind that it is approved by the original equipment manufacturer.

Hardware and Software Functionality Assistance

Systems often have unique requirements or specific audio routing needs, and it can be difficult to determine if a specific piece of hardware or software will satisfy those needs. A Symetrix Applications Engineer can walk you through exactly how Symetrix hardware and software will meet your needs.

Design Verification

If a system has already been designed, a Symetrix Applications Engineer can review the system design for you to ensure that the selected hardware will work together as intended. If you are struggling to meet your customer’s budget, we can also help you value engineer your system to reduce cost without sacrificing performance.

Design Assistance

Starting with just a simple I/O list and a description of required functionality, a Symetrix Applications Engineer can generate a Symetrix equipment list that you can be confident is the most cost-effective way to satisfy your system needs.

Advanced System Functionality

Symetrix Applications Engineers can help you learn how to solve complex problems like controlling third party devices from within Composer or implementing new functionality and features.

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