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What are Remote Commissioning Services?

Symetrix Professional Services can schedule a Symetrix Application Engineer to be available during all phases of your on-site setup and commissioning. If you can provide a computer or laptop that has a network connection to the AV system and an internet connection, a Symetrix Applications Engineer can be your full-time remote assistant during critical system commissioning and setup. This allows your staff to focus on system testing, verification, and documentation while we handle controlling and configuring the system.

The commissioning process includes documenting, scheduling, testing, adjusting, and verifying system functionality as well as creating and providing end user training to provide a facility that operates as a fully functional system per the Owner’s project requirements. The goal of the commissioning process is to enhance the quality of the delivered project by focusing the design and integration team on the Owner’s goals for a functionality of the system. Involving Symetrix Professional Services in the commissioning process at the earliest possible stage will allow a Symetrix Applications Engineer to provide the greatest benefit in ensuring that all project requirements are met, and all design intents have been addressed.

Demand for commissioning services is increasing as the design and integration community require that projects are delivered completely functional, on time, at low cost, and installed to run in a highly efficient manner. The commissioning process helps to achieve all of these goals through review of the design and installation requirements. A third-party provider, independent of the design and construction teams, can oversee the quality delivery of the project and provide a valuable outside viewpoint to help ensure project meets its goals.

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