ARC-2e and ARC-WEB Mono Source Select in Jupiter

When programming Source Select for ARC controls for the Priority Zone Mixer #1 and BGM Zone Mixer #1 apps within Symetrix Jupiter software, it is important to note that the even numbered Priority Mixer’s source selection is reversed from the odd numbered Priority Mixer’s source selection.

The Priority Mixer’s source select controls have been designed this way for
use when linking stereo inputs such that Input 1 would be selected with Priority Mixer (assign) 1 for left channel content and Input 2 would be selected with Priority Mixer (assign) 2 for right channel content, resulting in 4 stereo pair options (1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8).

In this example a Jupiter 8 is used with ARC-WEB. The Priority Mixers are representative of the different output “zones”. Note that the Routing Matrix will need to be set up in a stair-step configuration as shown in Figure 5. For the purposes of this Tech Tip, you can consider each “Zone” in the Routing Matrix to relate to each Priority Mixer. For example, any Input (1-8) feeding Source 1 of Priority Mixer 1 would then be routed to Output 1. Any Input feeding Source 1 of Priority Mixer 2 would be routed to Output 2, and so on.

Note that the External Control Wizard labels are “Chan” (meaning Channel) 1, 2 and so on, which would seem to correlate with Inputs 1, 2 and so on. (Figure 2) Notice that Priority Mixer 1 source is correct, selecting Input (channel) 1 for its input source. (Figure 2-1) Then you’ll see that Priority Mixer 2 source seems to be selecting Input 1 from the ARC-WEB panel, but is in fact selecting Input (channel) 2 within Jupiter. (Figure 2-2) Finally, you’ll notice that Priority Mixer 3’s source selection matches between ARC-WEB and Jupiter, just like Priority Mixer 1.

Notice in the “Radio odd” menu when “Chan 3” is selected from ARC-WEB it
selects “3” in the Priority Mixer.

In the picture below, the “Radio even” menu that was created in ARC-WEB will demonstrate the operation for Zone Mixer-2. In the “Radio even” menu when “Chan 3” is selected from ARC-WEB it selects “4” in the Priority Mixer.

As noted above; even numbered Priority Mixer’s source selection is reversed. To set this up for proper source selection, first study this table which shows the correct mapping for even and odd numbered Priority Mixers.

Odd (1, 3, 5, and 7)
ARC SelectSource Select
Even (2, 4, 6, and 8)
ARC SelectSource Select


These are the steps to get the even numbered mixers to select the proper
source select radio button.

Step 1.

Program the ARC like normal using the External Controller Wizard.

Step 2.

After programming the ARC go to the Main window of the External Controller Wizard and select Edit Existing External Controller, select the
desired ARC and click Next.

Step 3.

Select the Menu that has the controls that need to be changed and then click Edit Selected Menu.



Step 4.

Select Channel 1 and then click the Edit Text. Rename this to Channel 2. Repeat this step for every channel in this menu. Make sure the names of each channel match the map above for the Radio Input field. You may then also reorder these channels if necessary using the arrows to the left.

Now, Figure 3 will show how to set up Channels 1-4 so that the proper source selections can be made for Channels 1-3. Figure 3-1 shows this in different detail; “ch2 in1” meaning that this is what was previously Chan 2, but actually selects Input 1. Whatever names the inputs actually have (radio, TV, DJ, etc), you will need to follow this convention to properly name your inputs for correct selection.


Step 5.

Click finish and refresh/relaunch ARC-WEB to test to make sure the correct source selections are made. You’ll see in Figure 5 that Priority Mixer 2 has selected “channel” 2, but in fact has selected the intended Input 1. We can further prove this by seeing the output meters at the top showing that Outputs 1 and 2 have the same level.

Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Symetrix Technical Support Engineer

Document: 2014-10-Programming-ARC
First published: October 2014
Last Updated: November 2022

Note: While the ARC-WEB is shown in this Tech Tip, the set up for this is similar when setting up ARC-2e for remote control. The important thing to remember is that the even and odd input selections are reversed.
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