Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Mounting Hardware

Flexible Rack or Surface Mounting of 1/2 Rack Products. For use with Prism 4×4, xIn 4, xIO 4×4, xOut 4, ARC-PSe, xControl, Control Server.

1 U Rack Tray

19 inch rack tray for mounting up to two half rack units in a 1 U rack space.

ModelPart Number
1 U Rack Tray80-0107

1/2 U Surface Mount Bracket

Bracket for mounting a single half rack unit under table, onto wall, or onto other flat surfaces.

ModelPart Number
1/2 U Surface Mount Bracket80-0108

1/2 U Filler Panel

Used with 19 inch 1U Rack Tray to fill an unused 1/2 rack space.

ModelPart Number
1/2 U Filler Panel80-0123