Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Sound Track Your Brand

This Intelligent Module facilitates the integration of Sound Track Your Brand with Symetrix Composer-Series DSPs. Features include: connect, remote control, menu navigation, album art display, zone control, and volume.

Genelec Smart IP Speakers

Control gain, mute, active status and device identification for a range of networked active loudspeakers. This new intelligent module supports monitoring of output level, operation mode, and various system diagnostics.

Shure MXA920

This Intelligent Module from Symetrix enables rapid integration of the Shure MXA920 microphone into Composer Site Files. Connect and display devices, adjust LED brightness, mute/unmute, and identify units. Recall presets, set channel gain, incorporate metering, and indicate clipping.

SurgeX TCP

This Intelligent Module is for Surge-X AxessElite power management systems including models: SX-AX15E, SX-AX20E, SX-AX20E-15L.