Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Fulcrum Acoustic Loudspeakers

Composer Super-modules for Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers were created with Composer Version 8.4 software. The Super-modules are compatible with Edge, Radius, Prism, and Solus NX processors.

Shure Ceiling Array Microphone MXA910

Features Steerable Coverage Technology using up to 8 separate lobes to capture sound sources from above more accurately than any other product. Automatic positioning tool in control software easily adjusts lobes toward each participant’s voice. Intuitive user interface offers easy configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns.

Symetrix Select and Set

This module provides a quick and easy way to use Select and Set with any remote control device. Including EX4e, SymVue for Windows, and SymVue for T-series.

Juice Goose 1500 Series

The iP 15 Series rack mounted models provide economical remote power control to six receptacles grouped into three individual Power Pods. Each of these Pods can be turned on and off individually. In addition, current draw can be monitored from 0.2 to 15.0 amps per power pod.

Juice Goose IP PD1-4

The iP PD1-4 provides control and monitoring for four separate twenty amp circuits (eighty amps total) in a single chassis. Each circuit can be turned on and off and monitored for electrical current (amperage) draw from 0.2 to 20.0 amps per circuit.

Clockaudio CDT100

Take advantage of the advanced Dante technology in this high-performance and pre-configurable hardware platform. The CDT100 transfers audio and control signals via widely used Ethernet and is able to guarantee perfect sound quality.