Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations
Intelligent Module
August 2023
 | by Symetrix
 | v1.0
LEA Dante Connect 8 Channel
  • Input Level Metering
  • Input Clipping
  • Input Signal Present
  • Primary Source Selection
  • Amplifier Fault
  • Output Level Metering
  • Output Gain Control
  • Output Clipping
  • Output Limiting
  • Output Muting
  • Output Ready
  • Pilot Tone Testing
  • Load Monitoring
  • GPIO Input (Not Tested/For Future Hardware Capabilities)
LEA develops smart amplifiers and technologies for professional AV system integrators. LEA is a group of audio industry veterans with over 200 years of combined pro audio experience. Their goal is to serve the AV industry by providing system integrators and installers with the products, tools and technologies that they need to be successful.