The Heart of the Restaurant Solution

angelina Bar and Restaurant at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

Connecting Great Spaces

Leveraging Powerful Tools for Simple Operation

Symetrix Jupiter App Based DSPs

Simple and economical DSP that requires near zero programming time for rapid deployment


Easy to program and control basic audio functions or complex logic events

Symetrix Zone Mix 761 DSP
Zone Mix 761

Full-featured background music and paging application. Strong bang for the buck

Symetrix Solus NX DSPs with Composer software
Solus NX

Unlimited programming flexibility with standalone DSP pricing and performance

T-5 Touchscreen

Simple to program 5” high res touchscreen for Symetrix DSP systems

Symetrix Prism DSPs with Composer software

Easy expansion of networked audio and 3rd party video

Helping Our Customers Grow

Symetrix brings great sound to the New York Beer Company, a multizone venue with a large bar area, parallel dining space, private party/event space and separate dining area. Symetrix’s Radius 12X8 easily manages these different zones, routing/processing audio and setting levels as needed.