Teleconference Solutions

The Heart of the Teleconference Solution

Modern teleconferencing requires pristine audio, easy control, and flexible deployment. Symetrix delivers on all counts with unsurpassed audio quality, multiple methods for system control, and configurations ranging from simple huddle rooms to dozens or hundreds of microphones. Combining world-class acoustic echo cancellation with the nearly infinite flexibility of configurable devices and networked digital audio routing, Symetrix provides a solution for any teleconferencing need. Every Symetrix teleconferencing system can be controlled from easy to use wall stations, wireless tablets or mobile phones, all programmed in minutes.

Connecting Great Spaces

Teleconference Setup Diagram
Teleconference Setup Diagram

Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

Bangkok, Thailand

“Symetrix has brought quality sound and problem-free solutions to the teleconference system at Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities of Thailand. The products have been expertly researched, tested, and commissioned to guarantee the best performance out of the DSP for this location for years to come.”

– Siri Wongkamolchun, Fuzion Far East Ltd

Leveraging Powerful Tools for Simple Operation
  • T Series TouchscreensTouchscreens

    Symetrix touchscreens are ideal anywhere users need to control audio sources and levels.

  • Solus NXSolus NX

    Unlimited programming flexibility with standalone DSP pricing and performance

  • W Series RemotesW Series Remotes

    IP and PoE based controllers giving simple and easy end-user control

  • Radius NXRadius NX

    Superior control over Dante networking: modular I/O, onboard USB for audio playback and capture


    Virtual User Interface for Symetrix DSPs

  • Control ServerControl Server

    Simple, web-based system control using Symetrix’s Composer software

National Assembly of Angola

Luanda, Angola

“The Symetrix Radius NX was extremely important in the management and control of teleconference meetings at the National Assembly of Angola. The echo cancellation function made it possible to increase the quality and intelligibility of the audio, both for those who speak and those who listen.”

– Francisco Cabrita, Audium

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