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Symetrix was one of the earliest licensees of Audinate’s Dante protocol, a choice that has proven prescient. With hundreds of third party licensees and a list of commercially available products that is growing exponentially, the Dante protocol is now an established standard – far and above any competition.

Since the introduction of our first Dante enabled product in 2012, we have leveraged the benefits of the protocol for our own box-to-box audio networking as well as for peer-to-peer connection with third parties – but we didn’t stop there. In early 2014, Symetrix began native integration of select third party products eliminating the need for Dante Controller or extra configuration software enabling systems designers to create tightly integrated and proven systems with a single streamlined workflow using Symetrix Composer software.

Now, with AES67 compatibility built-in, Dante’s reach has vastly expanded again offering a previously unfathomable breadth of products able to be integrated into, and managed with, Symetrix DSP. From the power of that ecosystem, these partnerships grow to provide our customers the best of the best components to create even better audio, video, and control systems for their customers.

Products natively integrated into Composer appear and function as much like Symetrix products as possible. This often includes configuration, control, and monitoring as well as network audio management, depending upon the specific product’s capabilities.

Systems Interoperability partnerships are sales, marketing, support, and training collaborations which produce tested, verified, documented, and supported interoperability between one or more products from various manufacturers. When you specify these products for use together in a system, you can rest assured they will perform as advertised and all companies involved will be equipped to help with application, programming, or integration assistance if required.


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