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Specify and Deploy Symetrix Processing and Control Solutions with the D-Tools Platform

Seattle, WA, February 17, 2023— Symetrix, Inc. announced its product catalog and specifications are now available to integrators and consultants via the D-Tools platform. The addition of Symetrix processing and control solutions will streamline planning, ordering, and deployment of professional AV systems and continues their commitment to the highest standards for customer service.

“Our focus is to make it easy for our customers to do business with us and being part of the D-Tools ecosystem is another way we can achieve that,” said Ty Hawley, Symetrix Director of Sales and Marketing. “We are committed to our customers’ success and joining the D-Tools partner program will bring more opportunities to help people to deliver better AV solutions.”

D-Tools is a concept-to-completion tool where integrators can do everything from the moment they get a phone call until the end of the process when they have to bill the job out. As part of this ecosystem, D-Tools users will now be able to specify Symetrix’s full range of AV control solutions from within the software, ensuring they can build the best solution for their clients. The software features more than 300 partners and over 1,000 brands to service the 8,000 unique companies globally that are using D-Tools.

“By working with manufacturer partners like Symetrix, we can ensure our data is accurate,” said Barrie McCorkle, Director of Supplier Programs at D-Tools. “It means that we can connect dealers and integrators to the companies that they want to do business with, with no frills in between. Our software makes it fast so our users can get a quote out the door to their client, get it approved, and do business faster.”

In addition to supporting customer business processes, Symetrix will benefit from high level analytics that the platform enables. Visibility into products usage in the context of different project types will help Symetrix continue to refine its award-winning products and services.

“This is another example of Symetrix investing in tools and technology to increase efficiency and make doing business with us even easier for integrators,” said Paul Lamarre, Symetrix Regional Sales Manager for the Eastern Region.

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About Symetrix Inc.
Born out of a recording studio in 1976, Symetrix is a leader in high-performance audio hardware, software, and AV control systems. Backed by award-winning technical support and customer care, Symetrix’s reputation is built on innovation, sound quality, and craftsmanship. By continuously expanding the capabilities of their AV solutions, Symetrix delivers the highest performing systems from conference rooms to sporting venues and everything in between. Symetrix’s is headquartered in the Seattle, Washington metro area and has regional offices across the U.S. and throughout the world.

About D-Tools Inc.
D-Tools, Inc. is a worldwide leader in accessible, highly accurate business software that caters to the unique and diverse needs of systems design and installation firms. The company’s on-premises software, System Integrator™ (SI), and cloud-based platform, D-Tools Cloud, are robust solutions that help manage all aspects of an integrator’s business, including sales, comprehensive system design, project documentation, procurement, and installation and service management.

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