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Stout Brings a Bit of Old Ireland to NYC with Symetrix

New York, NY – New York has always been home to a large Irish population, and it’s often been said that the city has more Irish pubs than anywhere outside of the Republic itself. True or not, in a city with no shortage of aspirants, Stout has made its mark on Manhattan as one of New York’s more authentic upscale Irish pubs.

Founded in 2005, Stout’s Madison Square Garden location has gained almost legendary status, and in 2015 they expanded to the city’s Wall Street District with Stout FiDi. Most recently, Stout continued its growth with Stout NYC Grand Central, a massive bustling bar and restaurant just off Park Avenue.

Stout NYC Grand Central’s expansive layout covers two floors, with a front bar, main dining area and central bar downstairs, and a second bar, dining area, and private party room upstairs. The open floor plan presented some challenges in distributing sound adequately, explains Richard Trombitas of Cardone, Solomon Associates, New York. Trombitas worked together with AV contractors Starview Satellite (Rego Park, New York) to implement a sound system based on Symetrix DSP.

“We divided the restaurant into six discrete zones, controlled by two ARC-2e interfaces,” Trombitas reveals. “We have a total of 14 inputs into the system. Using a selection of very directional speakers and Symetrix DSP, we were able to create several overlapping ‘micro-environments’ within the different areas.” The entire system is controlled by a single Symetrix Radius AEC unit with an xOut 12 Dante expander.

Symetrix has long been the DSP of choice for Starview Satellite, confirms president John Paturno. “We’ve been using Symetrix on pretty much every project for the past six years. It’s dependable, it’s easy to set up, and the sound quality is second to none. We’re very proud of the work we do with Symetrix.”