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What is DSP and how does to apply to Composer-based hardware?

Advanced Digital Signal Processing is at the core of our Composer-based hardware. Our solutions simply design and deliver superb fidelity, adding value for designers, integrators, and end users.

Can I talk to Composer-based DSPs using HyperTerminal?

If the unit has RS-232 control, yes.  HyperTerminal can be used to simulate an external controller.

Default settings:

Baud: 38400

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: None

How many SymNet units can I connect together with SymLink?

There can be a maximum of 16 SymNet hardware units in a SymLink ring. This includes the 8×8 DSP, 8in DSP, 8out DSP, CobraLink, BreakIn12, Breakout12, and DigIO 12×12 DSP.

What is SymVue Discovery?

SymNet Designer 9.1+ software features a discovery app that gives users immediate visibility of IP equipped devices on your network.  Learn more in this Tech Tip:

Tech Tip: SymVue Discovery

Where can I find an owner's manual for my Symetrix product?

All technical and operational instructions and documentation for current Symetrix products are contained within the Help menu of the Designer and/or Composer software. Simply click on the question-mark icon on the toolbar in Designer/Composer and search your topic.

Download the latest version of Designer or Composer at

How much latency is there in a SymNet SymLink system?

This question has a three part answer since the digital signal path through a SymNet system has three different major components.

Converter delay: Approximately 850 microseconds for the AD, and 624 microseconds for the DA.
One DSP core: Maximum delay through any given 8×8 DSP core is approximately 240 microseconds, though typically it will be much lower. The max delay through the DSP core of an 8in or 8out is 120 microseconds.

SymLink: Approximately 80 microseconds for an audio signal to travel, via SymLink, from the DSP core of one 8×8 to the unit immediately downstream. If there are any units in between, add an additional 80 microseconds for each SymNet DSP, 20 microseconds for each CobraLink and 20 microseconds for each BreakIn12 and BreakOut12.

In summary: The typical delay for a signal that goes into an analog input on an 8×8, and exits from an analog output on the same 8×8 is usually around 1.5 milliseconds.

Where can I find the External Control Protocol for SymNet SymLink, Express, and Solus units?

The External Control Protocol for SymNet units can be found below. This document covers all third-party control for SymNet units including both RS-232 and UDP (IP).

SymNet External Control Protocol

Where can I find specifications or a Data Sheet for the CobraNet and SymLink SymNet line?

A Full Line SymNet Product Catalog complete with specifications can be found below. Additional installation information and/or specifications may be found in each product’s Quick Start Guide (if applicable).

SymNet Full Line Product Catalog (EN)

How do I control SymNet over the Internet?

In SymNet Designer 9.1 and later it is possible to control multiple IP equipped SymNet units over the Internet (wide area network, or WAN).  Multiple devices can be accessed from a single external IP address.  This is accomplished by using unique port numbers for each device.

To configure WAN communication for your system open the Help files contained within the SymNet Designer software and perform a search for “WAN” or see the chapter entitled “Menu Bar – File – Preferences.”

Can you acccess multiple SymNet units over the Internet?

Did you know SymNet Designer 9.1 or later can access multiple SymNet units over the Internet?  Find out more in this Tech Tip:

Tech_Tip: WAN Access for SymNet Systems

What is the maximum voltage recommended for the analog control inputs on a SymNet device?

The input stage of an analog control input of a SymNet device will clamp on an input exceeding +5.5V.  Anything above +5.5V will draw excessive current (the amount depending on the output resistance of the device supplying the current) and could possibly damage the input stage.  Keep analog control input current to below +5.5V.

Where can I find an Ethernet application with IP capable Symetrix products?

SymNet Remote Terminal is a UDP terminal test application for testing Ethernet-based control for Symetrix products.

SymNet Remote

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