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How many channels of CobraNet audio will the CobraLink transmit and receive?


Will SymNet SymLink and Express hardware work with AMX or Crestron control systems?

Yes. There is a dedicated RS-232 port on the rear panel of all 8×8, 8in, 8out, DigIO and CobraLink units for this purpose. This port can be used simultaneously with the host computer connected to the front panel RS-232 port, and the rear panel RS-485 port. The Express units have a dual-purpose rear panel port. The control protocol documentation is available for download from Documentation link in the Support section of this website. The protocol can also be found in the online Help section of the SymNet Designer application.

Is SymLink compatible with CobraNet?

Not directly. The similarity between SymLink and CobraNet is that they both use CAT5 cable and handle 64 channels of audio. In all other ways they are dissimilar and incompatible. However, by adding a SymNet CobraLink hardware module to a SymNet ring you can send to CobraNet and receive from CobraNet up to 32 channels of audio in each direction.

Where can I find an owner's manual for my Symetrix product?

All technical and operational instructions and documentation for current Symetrix products are contained within the Help menu of the Designer and/or Composer software. Simply click on the question-mark icon on the toolbar in Designer/Composer and search your topic.

Download the latest version of Designer or Composer at

How do I upgrade CobraNet firmware?

CobraNet firmware is managed using the CobraNet Disco software utility.  Download at

Where can I find the latest CM-1 module firmware for the CobraLink?

The firmware upgrade listed below is provided to address bugs in or provide added features to the CobraLinkCobraNet module (CM-1). In order to support new features available in SymNet Designer 5.0 or later, your CobraLink hardware may require updated Cobra Interface Firmware.

Please see the associated ReadMe.txt file contained within the ZIP archive offered below for instructions on how to upgrade your CobraLink Cobra Interface Firmware. 2.9.6 or later is required for low latency and 24-bit bundle support in SymNet Designer 5.0 or later.

CobraLink CM-1 Firmware 2.9.16 / 2.21.10

Do Edge Frames, when Dante is daisy chained, need to be looped back into a ring configuration like SymLink?

Edge units are daisy chained, and not a ring configuration. In an Edge system the last unit should not be connected directly to the first unit, rather just daisy chaining them creates the entire Dante network, as each Dante port is truly its own Gigabit network switch.

What is the CobraLink?

The CobraLink is a bridge processor that allows CobraNet and SymLink to communicate directly.  The CobraLink also adds Ethernet communication capability to a SymLink Ring.

Where can I find specifications or a Data Sheet for the CobraNet and SymLink SymNet line?

A Full Line SymNet Product Catalog complete with specifications can be found below. Additional installation information and/or specifications may be found in each product’s Quick Start Guide (if applicable).

SymNet Full Line Product Catalog (EN)

Where can I find an Ethernet application with IP capable Symetrix products?

SymNet Remote Terminal is a UDP terminal test application for testing Ethernet-based control for Symetrix products.

SymNet Remote

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