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Where do I find the latest firmware for my DSP?

The latest firmware is always bundled with the latest software.  There is no need to manage the firmware independently.

What are the most common external control commands for 3rd party controllers?

CS – Controller set.  Generally use for buttons.

CC – Controller change.  Generally use for faders.

LP – Load preset.


CS <controller number><controller position><cr>

CC <controller number><1 for increment or 0 for decrement><amount><cr>

LP 1

Where can I find SymVue templates for the Room Combine 788?

Integrator Series templates are pre-made and fully functional.  The Room Combine 788 template has a Tech Tip associated with it that goes over the basic instructions for customizing fields, presets, and IP parameters in the .sym file.

Tech Tip

Room Combine 788 SymVue Template

Can the ARC-PS be used with Integrator Series devices (722, 760, 780, 788)?

Yes.  Simply connect the RS-485 ports of the ARC-PS to the RS-485 port on the Integrator Series hardware.  No special programming is needed.

How do I reset my Integrator Series 722, 760, 780 or 788 to the factory default settings?

The factory reset button is located just to the left of the device’s Ethernet port. Using a pen or a paper clip, depress this button and continue to hold it down. While doing this, unplug the device, wait about 10 seconds and then plug the device back in… continue to keep the reset button depressed until the device has gone through a “light show,” where all of the LEDs on the device briefly light in sequence.

Once the light show stops (approximately 15 seconds), release the reset button. The device is now returned to  the state it was in when it arrived from the factory.

The main advantage of resetting the device to a factory default state is that it will re-enable DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) on the device, thereby automatically assigning a reliable and predictable IP address in the 169.x.x.x base.

I can not ‘Go On-line’ with my Symetrix 722, 760, 780 or 788, AirTools 2x or 2m after successfully completing their software’s Connection Wizard.

If you have successfully completed the Connection Wizard but when attempting to ‘Go On-line’ with hardware you receive a ‘Connection Error’ message, then it is possible that proxy server settings are enabled on your computer and are preventing network communications with your Symetrix device.

Wireless cards may also prevent connection and should be disabled.

To disable the proxy server settings on your computer, or specify the IP address of your Symetrix device as an exception that will not use the proxy server:

Click the Windows Start Menu and choose Control Panel.

Open Internet Options.

Click on the Connections tab.

Click on LAN settings.

Un-check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” or click on Advanced and enter the IP address of your device in the Exceptions field.

Note: Instructions assume Windows XP Professional. The steps and may vary slightly for other Windows operating systems.

What pins are used on the serial cable?

2, 3, 5, straight-through.

How does a 3rd party control system such as AMX or Crestron interface with the Integrator Series products?

Host control (via the Integrator Series software applications) is over Ethernet.

3rd-party control (AMX and Crestron type systems) may also interface over Ethernet, or by RS-232 on certain Integrator Series products (such as Zone Mix 760’s shipped after January 1, 2008) and the Automix Matrix 780.

The Integrator Series products use the same “RS-232” ASCII control protocol SymNet (as of Designer version 7.0) uses encapsulated into UDP packets. This is quickly becoming the preferred control method in the industry as it flattens out the control system into a true network. No more point-to-point comms, multiple serial cards, or distance limitations. The bonus here is, if the control system programmer is already familiar with SymNet, there is no learning curve!

The Control Protocol for the Integrator Series products can be downloaded here.

Crestron modules for the Zone Mix 760 are available here.

For additional reference, the SymNet Control Protocol can be found here.

Where can I find an Ethernet application with IP capable Symetrix products?

SymNet Remote Terminal is a UDP terminal test application for testing Ethernet-based control for Symetrix products.

SymNet Remote

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