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Where do I find the latest firmware for my DSP?

The latest firmware is always bundled with the latest software.  There is no need to manage the firmware independently.

How much do Jupiter apps cost?

Jupiter apps are free.

Can Jupiter units be linked together?

Jupiter is stand-alone, there is no digital audio bus.  Though multiple Jupiter units can exist on the same Ethernet network and be controlled from the same computer.

What are the most common external control commands for 3rd party controllers?

CS – Controller set.  Generally use for buttons.

CC – Controller change.  Generally use for faders.

LP – Load preset.


CS <controller number><controller position><cr>

CC <controller number><1 for increment or 0 for decrement><amount><cr>

LP 1

How do I download the ARC-WEB to my mobile device?

No download is necessary.  ARC-WEB is a web app that is hosted on the Jupiter hardware.  After programming the ARC-WEB in the Jupiter software, simply type in the hardware’s IP address into your web browser.

How do I configure Jupiter?

Jupiter hardware is network ready and is configured with a PC running the Jupiter software.

How do I convert my Jupiter unit to be used with 117/220 volt?

Symetrix Jupiter products use an automatically switching external power supply.  Simply use the power cable that fits your region’s AC plug type, and the unit will automatically switch to that voltage.

Can I direct connect to Jupiter with a CAT-5 cable?

Yes, direct connection from your PC to Jupiter hardware is possible with a straight-through CAT-5 cable.

Does Jupiter hardware have a default IP address?

Jupiter is DHCP capable.  If it is not given a DHCP address it will default to a 169.254 base IP address.  The last two octets of that address can be calculated by converting the last two groups of numbers of the unit’s MAC address from hex to decimal.  The unit’s MAC address is located on a sticker on the bottom of the hardware.

Can I modify a Jupiter app?

Jupiter apps are fixed architecture and can not be modified.

Can I control Jupiter from my mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

Yes.  With the release of the Jupiter 2.0 software, the ARC-WEB makes control from a mobile device or web browser possible.

Can I request a custom Jupiter app?

The requirements for development of a custom app are very difficult to pass.  Nonetheless, if you have an idea for a Jupiter app you can discuss it with a support engineer by contacting

Where can I find an Ethernet application with IP capable Symetrix products?

SymNet Remote Terminal is a UDP terminal test application for testing Ethernet-based control for Symetrix products.

SymNet Remote

Are Symetrix ARCs supported by Jupiter?

Yes, all ARCs are supported by Jupiter.

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