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What is the pinout for the PS-3 power supply?

There are two separate AC supplies coming out of the PS-3: 8.5 VAC @ 1A and 34.5 VAC CT @ 250mA. Pinout is as follows: 8.5 VAC on pins 6 and 1, 17 VAC on pins 7 and 3, center tap @ pins 4 and 5 are connected to earth ground. This is when viewed at the end of the PS-3 7-pin DIN plug.

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Where can I find a Data Sheet for the 306 Preamp / Ducker?

Where can I find a Flow Chart for the 306 Preamp / Ducker?

Can my Symetrix-manufactured unit normally powered by the PS-3 be battery powered for remote use?

No, the only option would be to use a 12VDC to 117VAC inverter with the supplied PS-3 inline power supply.

Where can I find Schematics for the 306 Preamp / Ducker?

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