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Where can I find a Data Sheet for my Voice Processor 2x?

I can not ‘Go On-line’ with my Symetrix 722, 760, 780 or 788, AirTools 2x or 2m after successfully completing their software’s Connection Wizard.

If you have successfully completed the Connection Wizard but when attempting to ‘Go On-line’ with hardware you receive a ‘Connection Error’ message, then it is possible that proxy server settings are enabled on your computer and are preventing network communications with your Symetrix device.

Wireless cards may also prevent connection and should be disabled.

To disable the proxy server settings on your computer, or specify the IP address of your Symetrix device as an exception that will not use the proxy server:

Click the Windows Start Menu and choose Control Panel.

Open Internet Options.

Click on the Connections tab.

Click on LAN settings.

Un-check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” or click on Advanced and enter the IP address of your device in the Exceptions field.

Note: Instructions assume Windows XP Professional. The steps and may vary slightly for other Windows operating systems.

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