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Where can I find an owner's manual for my Symetrix product?

All technical and operational instructions and documentation for current Symetrix products are contained within the Help menu of the Designer and/or Composer software. Simply click on the question-mark icon on the toolbar in Designer/Composer and search your topic.

Download the latest version of Designer or Composer at

What kind of cable do I use to hook up the Analog Control Inputs?

Standard two-conductor shielded twisted pair.

Will Control I/O work on its own with AMX or Crestron type control systems?

Yes. The Control I/O can work in a stand-alone ASCII control mode accepting commands from an AMX or Crestron type system. Refer to the Quick Start Guide for further info.

Where can I find a Quick Start Guide for the Control I/O Control Interface?

The Quick Start Guide for the Control I/O Control Interface can be found below.

Control I/O Quick Start Guide

Where can I find specifications or a Data Sheet for the CobraNet and SymLink SymNet line?

A Full Line SymNet Product Catalog complete with specifications can be found below. Additional installation information and/or specifications may be found in each product’s Quick Start Guide (if applicable).

SymNet Full Line Product Catalog (EN)

Where can I find an Ethernet application with IP capable Symetrix products?

SymNet Remote Terminal is a UDP terminal test application for testing Ethernet-based control for Symetrix products.

SymNet Remote

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