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Where can I find a User's Guide for the SX-208 Stereo Compressor / Limiter?

Where can I find a power supply (PS-2) for my older SX series unit?

Since all of the SX series which used the PS-2 power supply are no longer supported, Symetrix can not supply and has not stocked these power supplies for a considerable number of years.  Aftermarket power supplies may be available at: – part number RP-1601AA1 – search “Symetrix PS-2” – part number 420A0008

Third Party Product Disclaimer – From time to time we test the compatibility of our own products with those of third parties. While we are happy to share with our customers the results of our own studies as well as other (possibly unsubstantiated) information regarding these third party products, it is the policy of Symetrix, Inc. to neither endorse, recommend nor support products manufactured and/or supplied by third parties. The responsibility of choosing third party products which are compatible with Symetrix products rests solely with the qualified contractor, consultant or system designer.

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