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Can I change the display text font on the ARC-3?

Yes, in the Edit ARC-3 windows you can change the “ARC Description”. You can also modify the Font, size and position of the text to be displayed. In addition, a background image can be imported (239×24 pixel monochrome bitmaps).

Can I lock or add security to the ARC-3?

Yes, a 4 digit security PIN can be enabled. This PIN will need to be used anytime the ARC-3 is activated or when the ARC-3 comes out of sleep mode.

How do I assign an address to the ARC-3?

In the ARC-3 edit window, assign the ARC-3 address in the RS-485 field located under the ARC Description.

Can I enable/disable Sleep Mode in the ARC-3?

Yes, in the ARC-3 Edit window you can choose to disable Sleep Mode by unchecking the box (Enable Sleep Mode). This box is checked by default. You can also adjust the delay time between 1-600 seconds of inactivity. In addition, you also have the option to keep LEDs on or turn LEDs off during Sleep Mode (default setting turns LED’s off).

Does the ARC-3 use the same wire pinouts as the ARC-2e?

Yes, the ARC-3 uses the same wire pinouts as all the ARC remote devices. The pinouts can be found in the help files.

Can I use the ARC-3 with Designer, Jupiter, or the Zone Mix 761?

No, the ARC-3 is currently only compatible with Composer 4.1 and above.

Can the ARC-3 display different languages?

The ARC-3 can display any character in any language that can be generated on a Windows computer.

Can I adjust the brightness of the ARC-3's LED's?

Yes, in the ARC-3 edit window you can adjust the brightness of both the idle and active states. You can also select or de-select “auto-adjust brightness Settings for ambient light” and “brighten button LEDs when buttons pressed”.

How do I enable dynamic menus within the ARC-3?

Dynamic Menu Enable – Check the box to enable an ARC or individual menus with controller numbers. Example: In a room-combine scenario, choose to display a separate set of menus when the room is combined and another when it is uncombined.

How do I change the address on the ARC-3?

Press both the left and right buttons, and then press and hold the top + portion of the slider. This puts the ARC-3 into system mode. Here an address from 1-99 can be selected.

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