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What can be controlled with the buttons on a W Series?

The button can be configured to adjust any function in a Symetrix DSP that is controllable. In addition, Symetrix DSPs can control the third-party devices included in the Toolbar of Symetrix ComposerTM software and other third-party devices via RS-232 (Radius and Edge), TCP or UDP. 

Buttons can be configured to be momentary, latching or as radio buttons. This allows them to do things like trigger presets, adjust volume levels, perform source selection, mute/unmute audio and change signal routing. There is a caveat regarding the radio buttons – radio buttons must be sequential. 

What can be controlled with the rotary encoder?

 The Rotary encoder can be configured to adjust any audio function in a Symetrix DSP that is controllable. The encoder can be pushed to move between up to eight function menus. 

Common functions that typically would be assigned to a menu include gain control, mute ON/Off, tone control, and source select (up to 32 sources). 

(Example 1) For a background music system with four zones: 

Menu 1: Zone 1 Volume 

Menu 2: Zone 2 Volume 

Menu 3: Zone 3 Volume 

Menu 4; Zone 4 Volume 

Menu 5: Zone 1 Source Selector 

Menu 6: Zone 2 Source Selector 

Menu 7: Zone 3 Source Selector 

Menu 8: Zone 4 Source Selector 

(Example 2) A personal monitor mix system 

Menu 1: Lead Guitar Volume 

Menu 2: Rhythm Guitar Volume 

Menu 3: Bass Volume 

Menu 4; Keyboard Volume 

Menu 5: Vocal 1 Volume 

Menu 6: Vocal 2 Volume 

Menu 7: Choir Volume 

Menu 8: Podium Volume 

(Example 3) House of Worship Control Master Control 

Menu 1: Projector A 


Menu 2: Projector B 


Menu 3: Projector A Source 

PC 1 

PC 2 

Camera 1 

Camera 2 


Menu 4: Projector B Source 

PC 1 

PC 2 

Camera 1 

Camera 2 


Menu 5: Lights 

Brightness 1-10 

Menu 6: Audio Mode 


Menu 7: Master Audio Volume 

Gain 1-10 

Can buttons on the controller be used to select the function on the rotor encoder?

Yes, the encoder’s function can be changed either by pushing the encoder or by using the buttons. 

How is a W Series remote added to a system design in Composer™?

When in the site view of Composer™, go to the toolbar and find the IP Remotes menu. Expand the IP Remotes menu and locate the desired controller type. Either double click the desired controller or drag it into the site view window. 

How are parameters and control functions assigned to a controller?

Configuration takes place in Composer™ software. Right-click directly on a parameter: When you right-click directly on a parameter, a pop-up menu appears with an option to “Set Up Remote Control”. This leads to the Setup Remote Control Dialog box where the desired remote-control device can be selected. 

What security is provided to prevent unauthorized adjustments?

Each individual control panel in a system can be easily locked out for temporary security purposes if so desired. When security is activated, a four-digit, pre-programmed PIN is used to unlock the controller. The panel automatically locks after a pre-programmed idle time. 

How are the displays configured?

The display labeling is configured in the unit’s properties page that appears in Composer™ when the control unit is clicked in the site view of Composer™. The displays can be configured to display text or symbols simply by changing the “display type” in the W Series properties window in Composer™. The font and font size can be configured along with horizontal and vertical alignment. 

Bar Graph display mode can be set to disabled, up, down or moving. Composer™ software includes a control simulator that allows the appearance of the display labeling to be seen before a control unit’s programming is pushed to a unit. Encoder display units can be in dB, percentage or a count with the ability to set display minimums and maximums. 

How are network settings configured?

Network configuration of WX controllers is done in the same manner as Symetrix DSP network settings are configured, using the unit properties dialog box. 

Can Parameter be Linked across Multiple Controllers?

Yes, linking allows multiple controls to remain linked regardless of how their values are changed. Not only can W Series remotes be linked with other W Series but also with ARC, ARC-WEB, Control Server and TP controllers. 

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