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How do I set up Steinberg's Cubase VST to work with the PCI24 PCI Computer I/O Card?

Lucid Driver 1.06 with 3.X, 1.09 with 4.0
1. Disk cache set to lowest setting (i.e. 96k)
2. Virtual memory turned off.
3. The card should not be selected from the Sound Control Panel.
4. Place the PCI24 ASIO extension in the Extensions folder, which is in the System Folder.
5. Place the ASIO Lucid PCI24 in the ASIO Drivers folder, which is in your Cubase VST folder.
6. Shutdown and reboot the Mac.

Cubase Audio Setup Options:
1. Number of Channels set to 4 (to start).
2. Memory Per Channel set to 192kb.
3. Disk Block Buffer Size set to 64kb.
4. Select the Lucid PCI24 as the ASIO device.

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