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What are some DigIO 12x12 DSP applications?

Home Theater and Live Sound Processor
The DigIO allows up to twelve (12) digital sources to interface with a SymNet system. DigIO has onboard DSP and can act as a stand alone device as well as digital I/O expansion for a larger system. It can be used in home theater installations for speaker processing and to interface with digital mixing consoles in live sound for speaker processing or outboard EQ, dynamics and mixing/routing.

Additionally, DigIO offers an Ethernet interface if it is the master (first) device in a Ring of SymNet hardware. To simplify integration it features sample rate conversion on each input pair so digital equipment can be connected without syncing their digital clocks. And it can act as the master sync generator for a digital system via it’s Word Clock output operating at 48 kHz. If DigIO is the system clock master, sample rate conversion can be bypassed.

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HomerLink BreakOut Snake/Format Converter
HomerLink BreakOut units can be connected back-to-back to provide a bi-directional eight (8) channel (8 sends and 8 returns) digital snake up to 100 meters in length. HomerLink BreakOut hardware can also be used as format conversion between AES/EBU and TOSLINK digital formats. The Symetrix 810HLXO HomerLink Crossover Adapter is required. Each CAT5 cable provides four (4) channels (4 sends and 4 returns) of digital routing.

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