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What are the ADAT sync connecters for on the ADA8824 (ADAT) 24-bit Eight Channel A/D-D/A Converter?

These connectors allow sending and receiving ADAT-specific information between daisy-chained ADAT machines or other hardware capable of sending or receiving ADAT Sync. The ADAT sync cable carries machine control, Word Clock, and timecode signals. These connectors, or the MIDI connectors, may be used for controlling the 8824. The only signal in the ADAT sync connection that matters to the 8824 is the machine control signal.

Note: If you are using the 8824 with the Alesis PCR card, the 8824 must be the first device connected after the PCR card. Doing so ensures that the 8824 can always receive commands (ADAT machines do not always pass ADAT Sync information through themselves.)

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