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Can SymLink busses be re-used to accommodate higher channel counts?

Yes, this can get confusing so it shouldn’t be attempted until users are familiar with the SymLink architecture. SymLink is a circular bus. The transmit port from one unit is connected to the receive port of the next unit using standard CAT5 cabling. You can send unique audio on this cable between any 2 units in a SymNet ring by using the “Send” object in SymNet Designer software. Every time you drop a “Send” object into a design, you have the ability to send new audio on the bus. Thus, audio can be received in a DSP unit caring a set of signals and then transmit a whole new set of signals “on the same” bus to the next device in the Ring. You must be aware of the order that SymNet devices are connected together. Please see Tech Notes for more detail concerning the re-use of SymLink busses.

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