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How do I use third party RS-232 control using an ARC-2 or ARC-2i?

The ARC-2 and ARC-2i are versatile remote controllers that can hold up to twenty-four (24) total menu items and can easily be programmed to manage anything from gain, preset triggering, source selection, room combining and more.

Many installations require channel control on an external device, such as a television or satellite receiver.

Below are the easy step-by-step instructions to add this specific ARC-2 programming to your SymNet site file.  To begin, you will need to download the following link to the files containing the ARC-2 Channel Up/Down Super-Module, as well as the ARC-2 Programming.

Importing the ARC-2 Programming:

1)     Open the Controller Manager

2)     On the right side, bottom half, under File click “Import…”

3)     Use the drop down, select the Ring the ARC-2 will physically connect to

4)     Browse to the folder containing download files, highlight “channel_up_down_arc2” and click “Open”

5)     Expand the RS-485 network to verify that the “TV / SAT Channel Controls” ARC-2 remote was successfully imported

6)     Edit ARC-2 RS-485 address to match your hardware (default is 0)

Importing the Super-Module:

1)     Open your site file, navigate to the design view (signal path).

2)     Tools->Super-module Manager, click the “Import” button

3)     Browse to the folder containing download files, highlight “channel_Up_DownARC2_supermod” and click “Open”

4)     Now in the Toolkit, expand “Super-modules”

5)     Drag the “channel_Up_DownARC2_supermod” into your design

6)     Click the red triangle in upper right corner of super-module for a description of adjustable controls and parameters

7)     Open super-module control screen, make parameter adjustments if needed

8)     Turn “On” 232 String Output (be sure to add RS-232 string for up and down command) and/or Open Collector Output to trigger channel attenuation from the ARC-2/2i

9)     “Download Entire Site File to SymNet” and to the RS-485 network devices.

After completing these easy steps, the ARC-2 or ARC-2i will control the channels of the third party device.

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