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Which software is compatible with the PCI24 PCI Computer I/O Card and NB24 NuBus Computer I/O Card?

As of November 25, 1998

The PCI24 supports the following software applications:

Peak from BIAS v1.0 – v2.0
SoundEdit 16 v2.01 – 2.07
Cubase VST (ASIO) v3.02 – v4.0
Deck II v2.2 – 2.5.1
Studio Vision / Vision DSP (ASIO) v4.1
The NB24 supports the following Macintosh applications:

Peak from Bias v1.0 – 1.6
Deck II v2.2 & 2.5.1 or SoundEdit 16 v2.0
OpcodeAudioShop and/or Studio Vision Pro v3.0 (stereo only)
Digidesign Session 2.0 and/or ProtoolsPowermix v3.2
Logic Audio v2.5

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