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Will the ADA8824 (ADAT) 24-bit Eight Channel A/D-D/A Converter work with ProTools?

Yes. While Digidesign encourages its customers to use their own proprietary hardware it is possible to make digital audio transfers to and from ProTools using industry standard AES or ADAT (lightpipe) connections. If you are a ProTools user and have a Digi 888(24) interface you can bypass the converters in the 888(24) and connect to a Lucid ADA8824 (ADAT) or other external converter via the 888(24)’s AES inputs and outputs. If you have a Digi ADAT Bridge you can make direct digital connections to the Lucid ADA8824 (ADAT) via the lightpipe connectors on each device. Note: Older versions of the Digidesign ADAT Bridge only support 20-bit audio transfers. The newer ADAT Bridges are 24-bit and are what we recommend to work with the Lucid 8824 (ADAT). The ADA8824 (ADAT) also makes a great front end for the Digi001 and Digi002 via their ADAT Lightpipe connections.

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