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I have placed the SymNet CobraNet firmware upgrade files in the specified location, but Disco still can not see them?

If Disco does not find the CobraNet firmware file you require, you will need to exit Disco and then edit the “CNDisco.exe.Config” file.

This file will typically be located at: C:Cirrus LogicCobraNet Discovery.

Find “CNDisco.exe.Config” then open it using Notepad.

Locate the line:

“<Advanced Feature = 0>”

Change the value to “1”

Then Save-As.  Save as type: All Files.  Save directly over the top of the original: CNDisco.exe.Config.  Do not let it save as a text document, which requires retyping the name “CNDisco.exe.Config”.

Launch Disco to try again.  If done properly you will see additional options allowing you to “show all firmware versions.”

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