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Why is the Automation Control Interface and the TC-89 Clock Reader such a powerful combination of tools on the 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay?

As an example of how they are used together assume that a local talk show switches to syndicated network news every day at 12:00:00 (noon). Assume one of the 6100’s Automation Control Outputs controls a router that switches the air signal from the local studio audio to the network audio. A manual push button is wired to the 6100’s corresponding automation control relay. The air talent views the ESE clock displaying TID (time in delay which is real time plus the amount of delay added by the 6100). At 11:59:00 (TID) the air talent ends his sentence and presses the designated push button. The audio built up in the 6100 continues to play out until 11:59:00 (real time) at which time the relay closes and switches from local audio to network audio. The powerful combination of 6100, TC-89 master clock generator and TC-89 time clock reader allow the air talent to make a perfect transition from delay audio to real time without the need for manual time calculations.

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