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Are Crestron modules available for the Symetrix Zone Mix 760 and Zone Mix 761?

The following archive contains Crestron modules for the most commonly controlled functions of the Zone Mix 760:

Zone Mix 760 Crestron Modules

Zone Mix 761 Crestron Modules

761 Demo SIMPL Program

Examples provided include Volume, Mute, and Paging control. The modules will work with all Zone Mix 760’s via UDP/IP or RS-232 (on applicable 760’s). The modules are fully documented by the Zone Mix 760 Integrator Series Control Protocol Crestron Module Addendum linked here: Zone Mix 760 Integrator Series Control Protocol Crestron Module Addendum

See Also: Integrator Series External Control Protocol

The Symetrix, Inc. product warranty does not apply to this archive or the files contained within.

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