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Why are my Master and Slave 372 SPL Computer units not sensing at the same time?

When the 372 SPL Computer does a sense event it fades the audio down from its current gain setting to -80dB at X amount of time per dB, then opens a relay and takes a series of samples via the installed speaker(s). If multiple 372s/zones are synched together, the master unit first fades down it’s audio then activates its relay, simultaneously sending a trigger event signal via the EXT.RELAY pin to the slaved unit’s TRIGGER pin inputs, because the master first fades its audio then sends the trigger signal, the master and slave(s) are slightly out of sync. Furthermore, if the slaves are at different gain settings, the fade times may be far enough apart that the slaved relays operate at slightly different times. In other words, a 372 with it’s gain at +5dB will take longer to fade down the audio and open it’s relay than a unit set at 0dB.

This was corrected in version 2.09 of the firmware. To update the firmware to version, contact Symetrix Technical Support.

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