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I have an older 528E without the internal mic/line switch. How can I change the XLR line output to microphone level?

Tools Required:

#2 Phillips-head screwdriver

Top Cover Removal:

Ensure that the 528E is disconnected from the AC power source.

Remove two 6-32 x 1/2 inch screws from the top panel and two 6-32 x 1/2 inch screws from each side of the chassis.

Lift the top cover free of the chassis.

Changing The XLR Output Level:

The 528E ships from Symetrix with the XLR output configured for a line level output. If you must have a microphone level output, the following steps lead you through the process of switching the XLR line level output to microphone level (or back to line level).

Remove the top cover according to the steps outlined above.

Locate the XLR output connector.

Find the “Output Level” solder pads J17 and J18 directly behind the XLR connector.

Fill the space between the J17 pads with solder.

Fill the space between the J18 pads with solder.

Locate the two circuit board traces next to J18 marked by the word “Cut”.

Cut these two traces with a small, sharp knife.

Replace the top cover.

Reinstall the 528E into your setup.

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