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How do I reset my Integrator Series 722, 760, 780 or 788 to the factory default settings?

The factory reset button is located just to the left of the device’s Ethernet port. Using a pen or a paper clip, depress this button and continue to hold it down. While doing this, unplug the device, wait about 10 seconds and then plug the device back in… continue to keep the reset button depressed until the device has gone through a “light show,” where all of the LEDs on the device briefly light in sequence.

Once the light show stops (approximately 15 seconds), release the reset button. The device is now returned to  the state it was in when it arrived from the factory.

The main advantage of resetting the device to a factory default state is that it will re-enable DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) on the device, thereby automatically assigning a reliable and predictable IP address in the 169.x.x.x base.

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