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How can I use a "DJ Tamer" in Designer?

Clever Use of Dynamic Side-chains Creates a “DJ Tamer” This tech tip is more of a featured application. The “DJ Tamer” linked below is no more than a clever use of the side-chain inputs on a few of the standard dynamics modules found in SymNet Designer.

The DJ Tamer works by tricking a DJ to stay within a predetermined gain range, allowing him/her to push their gain up to a certain point. After that point, his/her gain will be automatically attenuated. The DJ should then be able to figure out the point of maximum gain (allowed by the system installer) and remain there, thus saving your precious sound system from overload.

The Site File linked below contains text notes for setup. A Super-module which can be exported for use in other Site Files is also embedded within the Site File.

DJ Tamer.sym

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