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Why is the MUSIC/PAGE ERROR LED flashing at the end of my calibration of the 572 SPL Computer?

During calibration, the 572 requires continuous paging or music signal at its HOUSE or MUSIC Line Inputs or at the PAGE MIC input. If the MUSIC/PAGE ERROR LED flashes, it means that the calibration was unsuccessful, because there was not enough signal present at the input(s).

1. Make sure that OPTIONS dip switch “A” is in the “DOWN” position.
2. Check that paging or music signals are being generated continuously and that they are at an appropriate level, i.e. line level (0dB) for the HOUSE or MUSIC Line Inputs, and mic level (-40dB) for the PAGE MIC input.
3. Make sure that these signals are actually reaching the desired 572 input (check your cables).
4. If you are applying signal to the PAGE MIC input, check that the PAGE MIC trimpot has been turned clockwise. If this trimpot is turned only part of the way to the full clockwise position, and the MUSIC/PAGE ERROR LED flashes when you attempt a calibration, try turning the PAGE MIC trimpot completely clockwise.

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