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How does a 3rd party control system such as AMX or Crestron interface with the Integrator Series products?

Host control (via the Integrator Series software applications) is over Ethernet.

3rd-party control (AMX and Crestron type systems) may also interface over Ethernet, or by RS-232 on certain Integrator Series products (such as Zone Mix 760’s shipped after January 1, 2008) and the Automix Matrix 780.

The Integrator Series products use the same “RS-232” ASCII control protocol SymNet (as of Designer version 7.0) uses encapsulated into UDP packets. This is quickly becoming the preferred control method in the industry as it flattens out the control system into a true network. No more point-to-point comms, multiple serial cards, or distance limitations. The bonus here is, if the control system programmer is already familiar with SymNet, there is no learning curve!

The Control Protocol for the Integrator Series products can be downloaded here.

Crestron modules for the Zone Mix 760 are available here.

For additional reference, the SymNet Control Protocol can be found here.

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